Martial Artist: Hand Painted Game Model

Another model for the Polycount weekly challenge, this time I was learning Mudbox while working on this one. I ran into some glitches but overall Mudbox was great for painting textures. I still did the majority in Photoshop CC though. The modeling was done in blender this time since I’m very fast in that application […]

Finally finished Tilda; You can download the .Blend file here.

Finally finished “Tilda”! What I started in 3ds Max I finished in blender due the final result needing to be rendered in real-time. I learn a TON doing this project so I’m happy with it despite a lot of its flaws. Next time will look a lot better for sure. The main gain is that […]

Car girl painting for Ridge Racer project

I wanted to paint my Ridge Racer car girl character so I could have an idea of how I wanted her to look in a scene. I have a good idea now for how I want to present her character, and I might do some more later. But I really should give her a name… […]

Ridge Racer Inspired Painting

I’ve been a huge fan of Ridge Racer games since R4 back on the PS1. Its still one of the most gorgeous games I’ve played. I was playing around with some ideas and felt like doing something including more scenery. This one was a fair challenge for me. I had a few false starts but […]

Horror: Pandoras Box

An image I made for a forum contest on Halloween last year. The theme was to make a horror image relating to Pandoras Box. I got a scenario in my head and had the idea of a good horror image being total invasion of personal space. This was also inspired by an old painting saw […]