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Finally finished Tilda; You can download the .Blend file here.

Finally finished “Tilda”! What I started in 3ds Max I finished in blender due the final result needing to be rendered in real-time.

I learn a TON doing this project so I’m happy with it despite a lot of its flaws. Next time will look a lot better for sure.

The main gain is that I really like texture painting and I really want to do more of it. Its something I can see doing for short burst projects. Maybe I’ll whip up a tutorial or something so more 2D artists can do this too…

This character comes from deviant art by artist Paul Kwon, the project was made for this Polycount forum challenge.

Below you’ll find the unlit version, and turn table Gif! Click the thumb above to see the shaded result in full view!

Modeling: 3ds max – character, Blender – base

Textures: Photoshop CC 2014

Shading: Blender Game Engine

Download: Here

Unlit 3d view

Textures unlit




Shaded Turntable


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