Car girl painting for Ridge Racer project

I wanted to paint my Ridge Racer car girl character so I could have an idea of how I wanted her to look in a scene. I have a good idea now for how I want to present her character, and I might do some more later. But I really should give her a name… […]

A Bunch of Galaxy Note 3 Art work!

I love this phone 😀 I figured I’d take an opportunity to dump some recent sketches. It’s a great way for me too experiment with ideas and methods or different ways of drawing. I’m often so serious when I’m painting at home but working on my phone is a lot more relaxed for me. It’s […]

Ridge Racer Inspired Painting

I’ve been a huge fan of Ridge Racer games since R4 back on the PS1. Its still one of the most gorgeous games I’ve played. I was playing around with some ideas and felt like doing something including more scenery. This one was a fair challenge for me. I had a few false starts but […]

Black Mage – Inspired By Final Fantasy

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Black Mage in final fantasy. For this I wanted to make my own concept of one, but not anything too extravagant, just more based on the older style from Final Fantasy Tactics. The idea is making the Black Mage look little more like a excentric scientist. I […]