Self Awareness – Art Corgi Comission

Finished the second piece for a commission at ArtCorgi you can find the first from the same person here. This one was also challenging, and I hope to get more 😀 I thought about creating a breakdown while working on this one so here you go!

Taking Commissions on Art Corgi

I’ve been approved for Art Corgi! Art Corgi is an awesome site for taking commissions, and as a step into doing more professional work I signed up to take commissions there. Hopefully I get more great challenging work. My first completed commission is for an article which you can read here. And the commission is […]

A Bunch of Galaxy Note 3 Art work!

I love this phone 😀 I figured I’d take an opportunity to dump some recent sketches. It’s a great way for me too experiment with ideas and methods or different ways of drawing. I’m often so serious when I’m painting at home but working on my phone is a lot more relaxed for me. It’s […]

Big Boss Painted Wallpaper

A quick grayscale painting of Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain using the recent game trailer as a reference. Had a lot of fun with this one. I streamed a portion of this on Twitch TakuChat channel, but there will be a youtube video soon enough.