Taking Commissions on Art Corgi

I’ve been approved for Art Corgi! Art Corgi is an awesome site for taking commissions, and as a step into doing more professional work I signed up to take commissions there. Hopefully I get more great challenging work. My first completed commission is for an article which you can read here. And the commission is […]

A Bunch of Galaxy Note 3 Art work!

I love this phone 😀 I figured I’d take an opportunity to dump some recent sketches. It’s a great way for me too experiment with ideas and methods or different ways of drawing. I’m often so serious when I’m painting at home but working on my phone is a lot more relaxed for me. It’s […]

Ridge Racer Inspired Painting

I’ve been a huge fan of Ridge Racer games since R4 back on the PS1. Its still one of the most gorgeous games I’ve played. I was playing around with some ideas and felt like doing something including more scenery. This one was a fair challenge for me. I had a few false starts but […]

Horror: Pandoras Box

An image I made for a forum contest on Halloween last year. The theme was to make a horror image relating to Pandoras Box. I got a scenario in my head and had the idea of a good horror image being total invasion of personal space. This was also inspired by an old painting saw […]