Had a Lot of Fun at the Global Game Jam 2015

Friday, January 23rd, 2015 I took part my first Game Jam! And also my first time having my work in a game. It was an amazing learning and social experience and I got to meet and work with great people. After a near panic attack thinking I lost my keys minutes before I wanted to leave […]

Martial Artist: Hand Painted Game Model

Another model for the Polycount weekly challenge, this time I was learning Mudbox while working on this one. I ran into some glitches but overall Mudbox was great for painting textures. I still did the majority in Photoshop CC though. The modeling was done in blender this time since I’m very fast in that application […]

Kill la Kill: Ryuuko Matoi Portrait Painting

Finished this some time ago, just practicing painting and process. Trying to create fairly quick full color portraits for commissions and such like for my ArtCorgi. The character is Ryuuko Matoi from Kill la Kill in her initial school uniform. I seriously don’t do fan work enough. I recently finished Psycho Pass, so if I do […]

Taking Commissions on Art Corgi

I’ve been approved for Art Corgi! Art Corgi is an awesome site for taking commissions, and as a step into doing more professional work I signed up to take commissions there. Hopefully I get more great challenging work. My first completed commission is for an article which you can read here. And the commission is […]

Finally finished Tilda; You can download the .Blend file here.

Finally finished “Tilda”! What I started in 3ds Max I finished in blender due the final result needing to be rendered in real-time. I learn a TON doing this project so I’m happy with it despite a lot of its flaws. Next time will look a lot better for sure. The main gain is that […]

Progress on Tilda Character Model

Some progress on the model I’m working on. It’s my first time texture painting like this so it’s a fun experience. Still in progress though. I have details like the eyes to work on and creating more contrast in the texture. I’ll try to finish the project this weekend. This character comes from deviant art by […]

A Bunch of Galaxy Note 3 Art work!

I love this phone 😀 I figured I’d take an opportunity to dump some recent sketches. It’s a great way for me too experiment with ideas and methods or different ways of drawing. I’m often so serious when I’m painting at home but working on my phone is a lot more relaxed for me. It’s […]